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The Education & Leadership Foundation offers educational services and ​​Intervention Programs in partnership with School Districts. Services include English Learners, Grades K-12th, Parent education and advocacy, focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing, and STEM. They are administered in the school or in the students’ home.

After School Programs

The Education & Leadership Foundation (ELF) submitted a proposal to FUSD to provide After School Programming services to 5 elementary schools. ELF will use this opportunity to impact school-aged children through meaningful activities, structure, engagement, and mentorship.

ELF will also provide an invaluable work experience opportunity to older youth (college students). Older youth would gain hands-on experiential learning and work experience through the ASP. These students will receive ongoing professional development training and coaching, providing lifelong skills and knowledge.


California Dream Act Workshops

The CA Dream Act Application allows students interested in attending eligible California colleges, universities, and career education programs to apply for state financial aid.


The Education & Leadership Foundation (ELF) provides workshops to High School students and administrators to provide the necessary information and provide assistance with the completion of the application Education Leadership to Everyone.


Lending circles have existed across cultures for a long time. Today, borrowers in the U.S. can use formalized versions of this form of peer-to-peer lending to establish savings, build credit and access small loans among friends and family, between businesses or within their communities. 


The Education & Leadership Foundation (ELF) will provide The Empowerment Fellowship. The fellowship provides an opportunity for students to gain work experience while volunteering at one of the following departments: Administration, Education, Immigration, and Special Projects.

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Economic Justice Workshops

ELF provides a series of informational workshops to help individuals attain economic stability. ELF targets low-income, hard-to-reach, underserved immigrant individuals who generally cannot obtain traditional employment. Workshops provided include Obtaining an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), Becoming an Independent Contractor, and Starting your own Business. Furthermore, ELF provides one on one sessions to individuals who need further assistance after participating in a workshop.


Tutoring (Inter Act)

Inter-Act Fellows provide bilingual instructional and tutoring services for the English Learner Program, Response to Intervention, Reading and Math Intervention, Mentoring and After School Programs.



Visit our Resources page for Immigration, Education, Health, and other public services that are available to you and your family.

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