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Food Pantry

Community members facing food insecurity can come by our main office and request a food assistance bag, free of charge.


Community members, leaders, schools, organizations, etc. can place a request for a food distribution. This will require an in-person or virtual meeting to obtain additional information (i.e. scale of food distribution, logistics, etc.)


Need a health education presentation for your organization, agency, school, or workplace? Our Health Educators can help with that. Just submit a request and a follow up email for an in-person or virtual meeting will be scheduled.


The Health Services Department is proudly offering 2 rapid COVID-19 tests to community members. Stop by or call our main office to schedule a pick-up time.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM

Telephone: (559) 291-5428

A program that is designed to reach underserved communities by empowering peer leaders from said communities. These peer leaders reside and belong to these communities and share many of the same life experiences with one another. The goal is to make sure each community is understood and rapport, trust, and cultural awareness are fostered, allowing community members, CBOs, and other organizations to communicate in ways that are most meaningful and impactful.


Health Services & Resources

The Health Services Department seeks to In all services and resources we offer, our hope is to build relationships, empower communities, provide compassion, and integrity in everything we do. Whether that is by understanding personal and professional needs, equipping ourselves and others with the resources needed to make change, we are dedicated to embracing each community’s unique background and potential.

Need Help?

The Education & Leadership Foundation is a community benefit non-profit organization that provides education, civic engagement, and immigration services. 

Get the support you need by contacting us today.

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