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2023 Equity On The Mall

On 04-26-23, Executive Director Matias Bernal was a speaker at the Equity on the Mall at the California State Capital in Sacramento. This annual advocacy event from the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund at Sierra Health Foundation brings together community leaders, residents, and statewide partners to hold policymakers accountable to advancing the health and equity of all San Joaquin Valley residents.

As a member of the Immigration Subcommittee, Matias had the privilege of unveiling the policy platform at the event in front of more than 1,500 residents from the San Joaquin Valley.

We envision communities across the San Joaquin Valley inclusive of immigrants and refugees regardless of their home country, income, or residence,” Matias stated. “Where all residents can access support services, economic opportunities, high-quality legal representation, and have meaningful civic participation. A just, equitable, and prosperous San Joaquin Valley requires an inclusive democracy and due process for all.”

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