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Dr. Martin Luther King's Beloved Community

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The work of past civil rights leaders and unsung heroes has laid the foundation for what Education and Leadership Foundation sets out to do every day – create communities where everyone has a safe, decent place to live, work, and raise a family. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. defined this as the Beloved Community: a community in which everyone is cared for, absent of poverty, hunger, and hate.

Dr. King popularized this concept during his lifetime of activism, but he always acknowledged that realizing his vision would involve systems of law, education, infrastructure, health care, and municipal reform — no one sector, much less one person or organization, could create it individually. This vision requires us to build our communities and all to see one another’s humanity.

This concept is a guiding light to our commitment to collaboration. We work tirelessly to provide education and immigration services in our community, a community that only become more beautiful with the help of other likeminded individuals and organizations. We appreciate the many partners from many sectors that stand and build with us. This type of community collaboration allows us all to shape the narrative and bring about real and meaningful change.

May we all seek to celebrate, appreciate, and understand how working together will allow us to build and rebuild the Beloved Community.


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