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Latino Community Foundation and Central Valley Partners

What does it take to support and develop stronger and more inclusive local communities in California’s Central Valley? Just yesterday, local stakeholders gathered at Education and Leadership Foundation to talk with leadership from The Latino Community Foundation—including their new Chief Executive Officer, Julián Castro.

The Latino Community continues to be a key stakeholder in ELF, most recently supporting The Empowerment Fellowship Program and helping create a role for public art and social media engagement through a unique fellowship position created in 2023. They also continue to invest heavily in the Central Valley; injecting $6.6million+ over the last ten years.

Additionally, The Latino Community Foundation and local partners such as ELF, Radio Billingue, Community Water Center, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, Valley Voices, Arte Americas, and Youth Leadership Institute continue to share a mutual commitment to elevating local voices and removing barriers to safe, inclusive, and economically vibrant communities across California’s Central Valley.

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